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Conference Program

Wednesday - 19th March

18:30 - 20:00 Registration

Thursday - 20th March

08:00 Registration
09:00 Conference start
Welcome : Dr. Ana Moreno, Dr. Pete Knoke
09:15 Keynote address : Teaching How to Engineer Software
Prof. Dr. Dieter Rombach, Director, Fraunhofer Institut Experimentelles Software Engineering, Germany
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Paper Session C : Software Engineering Curriculum 1
Session chair: Don Bagert
  • What should Graduate Software Engineers Be Able To Do?
    A.J. Cowling
  • Engineering an Introductory Software Engineering Curriculum
    T. B. Hilburn, A. E. K. Sobel, G. W. Hislop and R. Duley
  • A Coordinated Plan for Teaching Software Engineering in the University Rey Juan Carlos
    J. E. Pérez-Martínez and M. A. Sierra-Alonso

Paper Session F: Software Engineering Methods 1
Session chair : Pete Knoke

  • Teaching a Software Development Methodology: The Case of Extreme Programming
    O. Hazzan and Y. Dubinsky
  • Improving Project Planning/Tracking for Student Software Engineering Projects through SOPPTS
    W. Zage, J. Zhang and D. Zage
  • Learning Software Engineering with Group Work
    M. Alfonso and F. Mora

Workshop : SWEBOK: Adjustment for Education
R. Dupuis and P. Bourque


Paper Session D : Software Engineering Curriculum 2
Session chair : Jocelyn Armarego

  • A Practical Approach of Teaching Software Engineering
    M. Gnatz, L. Kof, F. Prilmeier and T. Seifert
  • Software Engineering Education: Following A Moving Target
    D. Rosca, W. Tepfenhart and J. McDonald
  • Is Software Engineering Training Enough for Software Engineers?
    I. Crnkovic, R. Land and A. Sjögren

Paper Session G : Software Engineering Methods 2
Session chair : Pierre Bourque

  • Modelling: A Neglected Feature in the Software Engineering Curriculum
    A. J. Cowling
  • An Experimental Card Game for Teaching Software Engineering
    A. Baker, E. Navarro and A. van der Hoek
  • What Cognitive Activities are Performed in Student Projects
    E. Germain and P. N. Robillard

Workshop : IEEE-CS/ACM Computing Curriculum Software Engineering Volume Project
S. Mengel, A. Sobel, R. LeBlanc, M. Ben-Menachem, T.C. Lethbridge, J.L. Diaz-Herrera,
T. Hilburn and J.B. Thompson


Coffee break

Paper Session I : Software Engineering Process
Session chair : Joe Clifton

  • Can We Influence Students' Attitudes about Inspections? Can We Measure a Change in Attitude?
    D. Bailey, T. Conn, B. Hanks, and L. Werner
  • Assessing Attitude Towards, Knowledge of, and Ability to Apply, Software Development Process
    D.Klappholz, L. Bernstein and D. Port
  • Introducing Testing Practices into Objects and Design Course
    E.F. Barbosa, R. LeBlanc, M. Guzdial and J.C. Maldonado

Workshop : Preparing for the 2004 IEEE Computer Society International Design Competition (CSIDC)
S.K. Land and A. Clements

Workshop continued : IEEE-CS/ACM Computing Curriculum Software Engineering Volume Project

Special Session : Remembering Norm Gibbs
Session chair : Nancy Mead
  • Norm Gibbs and his Contribution to Software Engineering Education through the SEI Curriculum Modules
    D. Budgen and J. Tomayko
  • The Softer Side of Custom Application Development: Working with Other Players
    W. Poole
  • Norm's Legacy: A Perspective from the Next Generation
    D. Bagert
  • Norm Gibbs - Department Chair, Facilitator, Motivator and Visionary
    W. Zage
Cheese and wine reception at the City Hall

Friday - 21st March

Keynote address : Abstraction - is it teachable ? 'The Devil Is In The Detail'
Prof. Jeff Kramer, Department of Computing, Imperial College, U.K.
Coffee break

Paper Session E : Software Engineering Curriculum 3
Session chair : Susan Mengel

  • Teaching Ethics in the Software Engineering Curriculum
    E. Towell
  • Reviewing the Curriculum of Software Engineering Undergraduate Courses to Incorporate Communication and Interpersonal Skills Teaching
    V. M. Teles and C. E. T. de Oliveira
  • Reflections on a UK Masters Level Software Engineering Programme for the Home and International Market
    H.M. Edwards and J.B. Thompson

Paper Session H : Software Engineering Methods 3
Session chair : Gregory Hislop

  • Reflecting Skills and Personality Internally as Means for Team Performance Improvement
    W. Zuser and T. Grechenig
  • Some Experiences with Evolution and Process-Focused Projects
    N. Wilde, L. J. White, L. B. Kerr, D. D. Ewing and E. A. Krueger
  • The Cross-Course Software Engineering Project at the NTNU: Four Years of Experience
    G. Sindre, T. Stalhane, G. Brataas and R. Conrad

Workshop : Tailoring a Successful Project-Based Course - In Which Students Learn to Work in Teams on theDevelopment of Useful Software Products for Real Clients - To the Needs and Resource Constraints ofIndividual Colleges and Universities
B. Boehm, D. Port and D. Klappholz

Keynote address : Undergraduate software engineering education options: Independent Programs, Specializations or Subjects
Prof. Natalia Juristo, School of Computer Science, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
Coffee break

Paper Session A: Software Engineering and Industry 1
Session chair : Ramanathan Narayanan

  • Teaching Software Engineering Fundamentals to Practicing Engineers
    P. Strooper, D. Carrington, S. Newby and T. Stevenson
  • Industry/University Software Engineering Collaborations for the Successful Reeducation
    of Non-Software Professionals
    H. J. C. Ellis, A. M. Moreno, N. R. Mead and S. B. Seidman
  • Soft(ware) Skills in Context: Corporate Usability Training Aiming at Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration
    M. Latzina and B. Rummel

Panel : Certification for Software Professionals: The IEEE Computer Society’s CSDP Program
Chair : S.B. Seidman
D.J. Bagert, D. Frailey, J. Mason, F. Naveda, A. Parrish and A. Sobel

Conference Banquet - Flamenco Show at "El Corral de la Morería"

Saturday - 22nd March


Paper Session B : Software Engineering and Industry 2
Session chair : M. Ryan

  • On a Partnership between Software Industry and Academia
    A. J. Kornecki, S. Khajenoori, D. Gluch and N. Kameli
  • Aligning Workforce Development and Software Process Improvement Strategy for Accelerated Adoption of Software Engineering Capability
    J. Mason
  • Educating Software Engineering Managers
    L. Peters

Tutorial : Training Experts in the Fundamentals: An Experience in Providing Software Engineers with the Basis of Software Process Improvement
N.K. Ovalle and H.W. Egdorf

Panel : Developing an Undergraduate Software Engineering Degree
Chair: J. F. Naveda
J. Armarego, D.J. Bagert, S. Eisenbach, T. Hilburn and S. Seidman

Coffee break

Paper Session J : Software Engineering Other Topics
Session chair : Ana Moreno

  • Inspections and Historical Data in Teaching Software Engineering Project Courses
    T. Ahtee
  • A Study Program for Professional Software Engineering
    E. Horn and M. Kupries
  • Together We Stand: Group Projects for Integrating Software Engineering in the Curriculum
    D. Dalcher and M. Woodman

Tutorial : Managing the Performance of Software Engineering Professionals
L .Peters

Workshop : Software Engineering Course Materials
G.W. Hislop, T.B. Hilburn, M.J. Lutz, S.A. Mengel and M.J. Sebern


Workshop : Tools for Outcomes assessment of Education and Training in Software Development Process
D. Klappholz, L. Bernstein, D. Port and P. Dominick

Tutorial continued: Managing the Performance of Software Engineering Professionals

Workshop continued: Software Engineering Course Materials

Coffee break