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Short Biography

I got my degree from Universidade da Coruña in 1996, and the PhD from Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha in 2003. I am currently holding a research position of the "Juan de la Cierva" programme at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Previously, I has been Fulbright Scholar at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and assistant professor at the universities Complutense de Madrid and Alfonso X el Sabio.

My research interests have always been in the field of requirements engineering. My first publications and my PhD dissertation were focused on conceptual modeling. Now, I am making research about elicitation techniques from an empirical viewpoint, using both experimentarion and systematic review methodologies. I expect to apply the same empirical strategy to conceptual modeling in the coming years.

Far from pure research, I have some other interests. For example, I am worried (well, just a little bit) about the proffesion aspects of software engineering. For example, I am worried about how to educate students in requirements engineering. I am working on that with some other colleagues, as Marta Lopez and Dante Carrizo from Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Almudena Sierra from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. I am also worried about the legal and economic implications of software engineering. Nevertheless, I had not enough time to address those aspects yet.

A full (but not updated yet) CV is available here

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